Payment Schedule

Amortization Schedule

BlueVine offers an amortization schedule for each draw taken. To access the schedule, please follow the steps below:

  1. Begin by going to the “Flex Credit” tab on the left side of your Dashboard.

  1. Next to where it says “Flex Credit Draws” in bolded text, you should see smaller blue text to the right of it; make sure that “All draws” is selected to view all of the draws you’ve taken.
  2. Beneath that is a table of information that will list all of the draws you’ve taken. For each draw you would like to download an amortization schedule for, click on the balance of the draw under the column “Balance”.


  1. A pop-up will then appear showing a breakdown of your repayment(s) made on the draw. Click on “Download Repayment Schedule” at the top of the pop-up to download the amortization schedule for this draw.

Payment dates

Your first weekly payment occurs one week after the draw is approved and advanced.


Pending Payments

Payments take three business days to process. The payment is not taken into account on your balance until the three days have passed. For example, if your balance on a draw is $100 and a $10 payment is processed on Monday, your balance will be $90 on Thursday.


Making Additional Payments

You can make additional payments or pay off any draw at anytime under the Flex Credit tab on your BlueVine Dashboard. To do so, click on the balance of the draw you would like to payoff.

A window will appear showing the payment history of the draw. At the bottom of the window, click “Make Payment.”

Next, designate the payment amount you would like to make. The minimum payment amount possible is equal to one weekly payment.

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